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We are B2B communication department

The chances are that you’ve just found your perfect business partner for visual and marketing communication as well as for sales support – however if we want to know that we need to figure some things out together:

a) get to know your needs and your business position

b) check if our cooperation model meets your needs

Functional projects.

Good marketing and visual communication is mostly the result of cooperation on the line: creative team – marketing – sales.

That’s why what we offer is cooperation process from analysis and consulting, via concept, marketing and visual project management, copywriting up to graphic design and IT implementation.

Consulting and advising

We will help you find and define your real needs. See the wider perspective and choose the most reasonable way for design. The scope of our work will be offered in several different options depending on your needs, possibilities and expectations.

Creative B2B process

We make full creative processes as well as the “lean” ones. We approach desig with clear heads thinking about goals and functions which should be reflected by materials.

Design and implementing

Well based foundations and structure, no matter of the size of the project allow us to reach design and implementation stage. We offer iterative approach which allows the fast outlook and usage of the first design versions and later implementation of relevant changes.

Business prasenatations

The real top of an iceberg when it comes to company communication. Good presenatation of the company is the compilation of sales process, logical sequence and structure of marketing communication, storytelling, copywrititng, visual thinking, – stylish, tasty and concise graphic design is nothing more than the result of all those elements.

Marketing materials

We also support our clients in creating common everyday marketing materials: starting from scenery for events through company materials and social media finishing on building materials for marketing content. (e.g. e-books).

Landing page / web

Many business projects start or finish on well designed websites. We support both: landing pages and full company services, supporting creative stages and using the services of reliable IT partners.

How many agencies or graphic desigers did you happen to cooparate with?

What was your biggest challange in those cooperations? What were your expectations? What results did you achieve?

the number of specialists you recieve access to when cooperating with Shapely


average value we try to deliver in relation to chosen cooperation package.

you will take advantage of 10 years of our experience in B2B communication projects.

Let’s talk and check how your company can benefit from our long or short term support

Reasonable scope of work

Design of marketing materials in B2B requires most of all efficiency which is influenced by: accurate needs analysis, concept, marketing communication, copywriting or UX/Ul.

Telling your graphic designer or agency to create working and functional (e.g sales supporting) project without basics such as: structure and concept, it’s like asking a painter to paint the walls of your house which hasn’t even been designed by an architect yet.

Being fully aware of all those indispensable processes we can offer economic options for projects – not omitting but only making necessary stages shorter depending on needs and project budget.

How does our cooparation process save your time?

The longer we know our clients the faster and with the smaller client’s engagement we are able to reach satisfying solutions.

One of the pillars of our cooperating process is saving client’s time. Depending on the scope and the type of project we try to provide next stages of work in the moment in which this is meritorically needed or it is easier to make decision about the choice of the further direction of works and give us feedback.

Here are the answers for the most frequently asked questions:

“Are you an advertising agency?”

Model in which we cooperate and our roots (training, marketing, sales support department) define us more as external B2B communication department. We opt for long-term cooperation, we are close to the idea of turquoise organisations, we value partnership very highly as one of the features of our organisation.

How do you price single projects?

We don’t.  Many years of coopertion and working on our own processes taught us that the best effects and mutual satisfaction are achieved by:

1.  long-term cooperation
2. iterative approach to projects enables fast feedback of direction and mutual responsibility for the result.

Before we start cooparation we check if we have the same values and space for working together.

Why not to choose our competition ?

Do it. We bring added value to your business. We like the businesses to be complete ideas where their partiular aspects connected with marketing, business model, sales , communication, offer of presentation – cooperation and conversations with us, usually touch the point of the case to solve. We know though that “it takes two to tango”.

What happens if we have the project with an overdue deadline?

We both have the challenge which we have to face.  

Naturally we don’t like the haste and “asaps” but we realize they are the natural things of life. Show us the details and we will tell you realistically if we have enough resources to face this challenge.

What does the process of starting cooperation look like?

We usually get going from the starting point – we often propose making initial model where we:
– analyse your needs
– consult possible directions
– give you preliminary options of solutions
– give you further options for making the project.
At the same time we introduce our clients to the form of our cooperation, tools, ways of financing and our standards.

In our opinion on this stage the most important thing is to build effective space for cooperation, communication and understanding in the context of your business – that’s why we add our private time to prepare further cooperation better.

How to make B2B project effectively?

On the base of our experiences there are 3 short manuals created for you. They consist of chosen clues, technigues and examples which may be inspiring for you.

Presentation of given company

The real top of an iceberg of the company communication – at the same time our speciality.

Landing page/ www

How to approach the process of the website design, which will not only look “nice” but will also communicate effectively with your client?

Marketing materials

Visual identification and event materials are very specific types of projects. It sometimes happens that with this particular occasion new brand is created – how to deal with it?
When we start cooperation with new client we concentrate most of all on very good understanding of what the client’s business is about.

The question about designing “nice company presentation” or “nice looking website” as a remedy for gaps in the structure and logical sequence or sales process itself it frequently the first issue we overcome with our clients.

That’s why we start from the analysis, advisory and initial modules which can show us where and what type of work is to be done. This is when the first answers, propositions of solutions and possible directions come up.

Michał Szmuda

Co-owner, Business Consultant

Let's check if there is any chemistry between us.

We value comfort, quality, and mutual respect for cooperation process.
we give 120 % and we want to make sure you’ll appreciate this.


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